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For over 32 years Gold in the Net Hockey Schools continues to work with goalies all over the globe and has built it’s premier programming on strengths and abilities to see and understand the evolution of the game not only in Canada and the USA, but on the World Stage, focusing on a goalie’s style and system based on his or her strengths and weaknesses. Our dynamic coaching staff and unique instruction format provide our students with an experience where they will learn the most cutting-edge training methods available. Our highly structured camps propel students to improve their skill level, self-esteem, concentration, confidence, coordination, discipline, physical and mental conditioning.

Colter Pritchard brings years of knowledge and experience under the tutelage of Coach Perry Elderbroom

(former NHL Goalie Coach). Colter is dedicated to providing his students with the best and most complete training for goalies of all ages, experience, and skill levels and offering expert training to students through summer training camps in Alaska.


Colter started his career over 13 years ago with Gold in the Net , first as a young student and then an instructor and is now currently playing college hockey. 

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2021 Summer Camp 

July 12-16, 2021

McDonald Center, Eagle River AK

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13701 Harry McDonald Rd
Eagle River, AK 99577
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Phone: 1-907-209-8303 
Email: alaska@goldinthenet.com

Your Complete Goalie Program from the Beginners to the Pros

Regular Program Ages 7-9

This is where a strong foundation is built to allow our students to progress onto higher levels of play. All of the basic movements of the goaltender will be covered. Having strong fundamentals will allow the goalie to change and adapt as the game around them change.

Intermediate Program Ages 9-10

Continues to build on the fundamentals we have implemented in the Regular program. Leaving out much of the very early basics of the Regular program, we begin refining the butterfly and all of its accompanying elements is the primary objective for the Intermediate level.

Advanced Programs Level 1 - Ages 10-12 Level 2 - Ages 13+

The Advanced Level Programs are split into two separate programs and have been specifically designed to be age appropriate in both skills and development. Both will continue to refine movements and learn the latest in techniques to  enhance their overall play.

Elite Programs Level 1 - Ages 12-14 Level 2 - Ages 15+

When all you think about is hockey and all you want to do is to continually evolve your game. You need a program specifically designed to grow with your needs, this program pushes each goalie to the limit. The Elite programs are set around the needs of the small group where only 6 goalies per half ice are allowed.

Elite + MTC (Mental Training Course) All Levels

What separates good goalies from greatness? What defines the final outcome? Most experts agree the “Mental Side of the Game” is the answer.


Mental training has so many elements, so many components and to do it justice you cannot do it all in one week of training. Gold in the Net has 3 separate week-long programs of MTC to enable most athletes to retain much of the information. For the past three years, GITN has offered a week A, B and C for all of its students.

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Train Your Mind as Hard as Your Body

TRAIN your MIND as hard as your body


FUN for all ages and all LEVELS



With GITN founder and former NHL goalie coach Perry Elderbroom

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Phone: 1-907-209-8303  Email: Alaska@goldinthenet.com

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